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Regelle will explore the client’s objectives and once identified, they will be top priority. We will provide options for the company and assist in outlining a strategy to meet your objectives, as an outright sale may not be the best solution at the time. Regelle continuously provides expert advice throughout the entire process, right from the initial free consultation through to the project completion. You won’t be disappointed.

Only when our client is satisfied with the results will we be satisfied. Professionalism, dedication, confidentiality and respect - what you can expect from Regelle Partners.

Sell Side - Mergers & Acquisitions

Regelle provides exclusive sell-side and exit strategy services through developing and executing a strategy to maximize shareholder value. As a seller, we work hard for you to ensure you receive the results you desire and that you are rewarded for your years of hard work and equity investment.

Our commitment to our clients begins with our first contact with them by ensuring all interactions are held in the strictest confidence and continues right through until the transaction is closed. When a client signs on with us, we remain by their side guiding and assisting them throughout every step of the process. This personal attention along with our contacts, expertise and resources give us the ability to value, package, market and facilitate a successful transaction in a variety of service industries. We undertake a broad search for interested buyers, because it is only when all possible buyers are sought out that a client can be assured of receiving a fair market price.

Regelle works closely with its clients to clearly identify and define their needs. We realize that each business has very unique considerations and its owner has personalized goals.

For a seller, Regelle will produce a Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM), which will be given to qualified interested buyers. We have interviewed buyers so we understand what information they need to make a decision. As well, our past experience includes acting as a buyer of companies so we have first-hand knowledge of what information is needed and how it should be presented. This is a differentiating factor that sets us apart from the competition.

With our efficient and effective process, we minimize the burden a seller experiences in preparing his/her company for sale. With our strong accounting and business backgrounds we are able to work directly with your accountant and lawyer throughout the process. We take every step to ensure confidential information about your business and your intentions to sell are protected by having all interested buyers sign confidentiality agreements with you.

Our skill allows us to accomplish this process time and time again through our knowledgeable and industry-experienced professionals, which are well versed in all aspects of relationship managing your business.

Our niche focus includes the following industries; Click here for more information regarding Our Process of selling your company.

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Buy-Side - Target and Acquisition Search

Regelle Partners provides buyer services for individuals, corporations, private equity groups and other investors seeking acquisition opportunities. We conduct extensive searches and follow-up programs.

In today's ever evolving business environment, M&A landscape and global economy, many companies, in addition to their own organic growth, will aggressively pursue acquisitions as a means of continued expansion and obtaining a competitive edge. This expansion, through acquisition(s), may come in the form of increased market share in existing locations, penetration into a new geographic area, providing access to different types of customers, creating new product/service lines or facilitating a sizeable entrance into an entirely new industry by acquiring a platform type business. Regelle Partners help their clients develop and execute a growth plan through acquisitions that will fulfill their client’s specific business strategy.

Click here for more information regarding Our Process of a typical “buy-side” engagement.

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Preparing Your Business for Sale

Selling a business can be the largest and most important deal of an entrepreneur's career. Regardless of what prompts the sale, selling a business is a high-stakes transaction, with far-reaching financial and emotional consequences. If now is not the right time to sell your business, we can help prepare you and the company for when the time is right.

In the best of all worlds, the owner begins to prepare his or her business for sale at least one year in advance. Regelle Partners will undertake a review of your current business and provide advice on how you should prepare your business for sale. The review includes an assessment of financial records, customer and supplier agreements, key employee contracts, company policies and procedures amongst other analyses.

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