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As a Seller, we work hard for you to ensure you receive the results you desire and that you are rewarded for your years of hard work and equity investment.

At Regelle Partners, we believe that our services, complimented by our industry expertise, professional experience, and knowledge of interested buyers, differentiate us from the competition. Our commitment to our clients begins with our first contact with them by ensuring all interactions are held in the strictest confidence and continues right through until the transaction is closed. When a client signs on with us, we remain by their side guiding and assisting them throughout every step of the process. We undertake a broad search for interested buyers, because it is only when all possible buyers are sought out that a client can be assured of receiving the best possible price.

Regelle works closely with its clients to clearly identify and define their needs. We realize that each business has very unique considerations and its owner has personalized goals.

Regelle will produce a Confidential Information Memorandum, which will be given to qualified interested buyers. We have interviewed buyers extensively, and understand what information they need to make a decision. As well, our past experience includes acting as a buyer of companies so we have first-hand knowledge of what information is needed and how it should be presented. This is a differentiating factor that sets us apart from the competition.

With our efficient and effective process, we minimize the burden a Seller experiences in preparing his/her company for sale. With our strong accounting and business backgrounds we are able to work directly with your accountant and lawyer throughout the process. We take every step to ensure confidential information about your business and your intentions to sell are protected by having all interested buyers sign confidentiality agreements with you.

The detailed steps in our process:

image Relationship and Goals
•We work exclusively with you and commit the time and effort required to prepare your company for sale.
•In the initial interview we will discuss your goals and needs.
•The desired outcome is to achieve your goals in the most efficient and confidential manner.

image Evaluate the Business
We realize that most private firms manage their businesses to minimize tax so we help recast your business' financial statements to reveal the potential earning power to a buyer.
•We determine a range of values for your business.
•Both you and Regelle commit to the process.

image Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM)
We have a checklist of information for you to prepare to assist in the preparation of the  confidential information memorandum.  It will cover the key aspects of the business.
•We create a professional selling package that is approved by you before being given to potential buyers.

image Identify the Best Buyers
We locate potential buyers
• We have the buyers sign a confidentiality agreement to protect your critical business information.
• We then send the CIM to those qualified interested buyers that you have decided to involve in the process.
• We set a bid closing date, which encourages competition amongst buyers, where feasible.
• We facilitate a Management presentation with you, the buyer and Regelle Partners. This will provide an opportunity for you to meet the buyer, share information regarding your business, and ask any questions that you or the buyer may have.
• We help keep the buyers on track, addressing any needs or questions that arise.

imageLetter of Intent
Initial offer will normally be in the form of a term sheet or letter of intent, which is typically a non-binding agreement that sets out the major terms of an offer (timing, price, etc.),
•As we have experience in dozens of transactions, we will use our negotiating experience to help you through the negotiation and deal process.
•You select the offer you wish to proceed with.

imageDue Diligence
Detailed due diligence starts with one buyer.
• This typically involves a site visit to your office by the buyer to review all relevant company documentation including reviewing a copy of all of your all service contracts.
• We have the ability to have a virtual data room

image Purchase and Sale Agreement
After due diligence is complete, a purchase and sale agreement follows, incorporating any findings/issues discovered during due diligence.
• Your lawyer gets involved to help review/draft the purchase and sale agreement.
• The final negotiation stage is finalizing the purchase and sale agreement.
• Both parties execute the purchase and sale agreement.

image Closing
We have invaluable experience that assists the professionals you have retained to document and close the transaction.

image Timing
Depending upon your readiness, the Confidential Information memorandum can be prepared and sent to buyers within 4 weeks of signing an engagement agreement with us
• On average from the signing of the engagement letter to the closing is 9 months. The range is typically between 5 and 12 months.

Regelle’s knowledge and experience will ensure you receive superior professional representation and negotiating skills to help you achieve excellent value for your business.

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