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Our Process

Our intermediary services are tailored to your specific needs, a typical “buy-side” engagement involves the following steps:

image Acquisition Strategy

We assist our clients with the development of their acquisition plans and strategies. Specific examples may include the development of a “roll-up” or “consolidation” strategy, a diversification strategy, etc.

imageAcquisition Valuation

We assist our clients in developing valuation models and setting expectations in terms of earnings multiples, terms and conditions and other factors that will likely impact the valuation and terms for an acquisition candidate.

imageAcquisition Search

We will coordinate the process of targeting possible acquisition candidates including contacting and screening opportunities. This process will be coordinated with our many contacts.

imageAcquisition, Negotiation and Execution

Once we have identified an attractive and viable acquisition opportunity, we assist our clients in negotiating and structuring the acquisition and coordinating the activities of our clients’ legal, accounting and tax advisers.

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