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At Regelle Partners, we believe in the value of independent insurance agents—the value you bring to your customers and the value of your agency itself. And our team of professionals has the experience and judgment to help you define, enhance and leverage that value.

Regelle Partners provides transaction advisory, due diligence and consulting on preparing a business for sale to participants within the insurance industry.

Some of our services include:

Divestiture and Sale Transactions
  • Advise on appropriate sale process for the situation
  • Valuation ranges
  • Assist in preparing the confidential information memorandum or other marketing material
  • Strategic consulting
  • Identify and contact selected qualified acquirers
  • Assist in negotiating and closing the acquisition
When advising on behalf of selling companies, special board committees or selling shareholders, we can provide transaction advice, assist in negotiations and give impartial and objective advice about the merits of proposals received.

Whatever we do for you, rest assured that it will be done with professionalism and a commitment to excellence—with a continued focus on helping our clients increase value.

Why hire a transaction advisor?
When faced with the tasks of buying, selling, funding or growing your business, a wise business owner seeks a professional advisor. Why? Simply put, experienced, industry-focused advisory services will enhance the likelihood that you will make successful, more profitable decisions.

Critical Functions of an Advisor
  • To Benchmark the Value of Your Business
  • To Prepare and Promote Your Business
  • To Provide Due Diligence Support
  • To Protect Your Interests Throughout the Transaction
Benefits of Using Experienced Transaction Professionals

By using Regelle, we will:
  • Represent Your Best Interests
  • Minimize Your Distraction from Core Business Activities
  • Ensure a Smooth, Timely Transaction
  • Enable You to Maintain Control of the Process
  • Optimize Transaction Results
The bottom line: your goals are achieved with less risk and stress.

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