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Our Experience

image Includes experience in transactions varying in size from $350,000 to more than $110 million in annual sales.

image Our team includes individuals with accounting, financial and business backgrounds.

image We have been buyers and we have represented sellers – we cover all the angles

Our M&A experience is extensive and proven.

At Regelle, we’re different.

image We commit fully to our clients and we remain with them, guiding them throughout the entire selling process.

image We’re true partners with our clients, guiding them throughout the entire selling process.

image We approach multiple buyers - (the majors, the equity buyers and any regional buyers)

image It is only through this full canvas of buyers that you, as the seller, can be guaranteed a fair price.

image We know the industry and how buyers think; We have worked in the industry for 10 years – we know what’s important to buyers, having represented Otis for several years. A key strength in negotiation is knowing how the other side thinks and anticipating their next move. Having been a buyer – gives Regelle this advantage.

imageWe have an efficient and effective process that reduces the demands on you, the seller.

image Our combination of street smarts and book smarts differentiates us from our competition.

Don’t go it alone. Selling an elevator business is a lot different than running one – and your financial future is on the line.

image Would you sell your house to the first person that knocked on your door? Wouldn’t you want to know if there were other interested buyers?

image Research has shown that working with a business intermediary can increase the selling price by as much as 35% and can also increase the chance of a successful sale by as much as 35%.

image It’s in a buyer’s interest to get the lowest price – and in our experience, a one on one negotiation between a buyer and a seller (with no representation) usually results in the buyer winning; They have the advantage.
image At Regelle, we’ll present your company to multiple buyers and we’ll level the negotiating playfield. Let us help – you’ll be glad you did.

As an owner you have worked hard to build your business so you should reap the greatest reward when you come to selling it.

Should you sell your business yourself?

image You may think you can save money, but do you have the selling experience to know what to do?

image Do you know what’s a fair price or which buyers to approach?

imageCan you manage the business and still find time to find a buyer?

image Should you take the first offer you receive? Is it the best offer? Are there other offers out there? Can you control a process that involves contacting multiple buyers?

image Will your customer service suffer or employees start to worry if you start holding meetings with competitors?

image Can you keep the negotiating process moving? Six months with little or no progress is draining on your time and your emotional state.

Regelle on your team, you can be assured of a dedicated, knowledgeable and committed group, that will continue to work hard until the results you desire are achieved. Only when you are satisfied, can we be satisfied.

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